Montana's First Real Winter Storm
December 9, 2012
All of us at Montana Flyfishing Expeditions have been waiting for this winter day to come and it finally has. A recent storm has blanketed southwest Montana's mountain ranges with over a foot and a half of fresh white powder. Obviously us skiers are happy with this news but all anglers are... Read more
Winter in Montana!
November 8, 2012
Winter is here in Montana now and the drift boats are stowed, guns and skiis are out. Saltwater is up soon and Montana Flyfishing Expeditions will be getting ready for the 2013 Montana season - it will be here again before you know it! Read more
Last of the Big Browns in Montana!
October 16, 2012
Big Brown Trout are on the menu in Southwest Montana right now but winter is coming and the 2012 Montana trout season will be coming to an end. It was a great season throughout and we thank all of our wonderful clients for coming out and fishing with Montana Flyfishing Expeditions this year!... Read more
Fall Fly Fishing in Montana
October 5, 2012
The Montana outfitting season is coming to a close but not without some great streamer and dry fly fishing throughout Montana. Montana Flyfishing Expeditions has mainly been fishing the Yellowstone, Missouri and Lower Madison Rivers with success mainly below the surface but if the weather... Read more
Montana Fishing Holding On
August 22, 2012
OK - fishing has definitely slowed on the bigger rivers like the Madison, Yellowstone and Missouri but Montana Flyfishing Expeditions is spending time on the smaller streams of Southwest Montana and finding good fishing both on the surface and below.  It is a little tougher to wade for your... Read more
Fishing still Good, but Montana is HOT!
August 14, 2012
Summer is in full swing all over Southwest Montana but the fishing is still hanging on throughout most river systems. For the past couple of weeks the big rivers have been seeing quite a bit of pressure, low water conditions and very hot weather.  Montana Flyfishing Expeditions is on the... Read more
Hoppers and Heat
August 4, 2012
The dry fly bite is still rolling strong throughout Southwest Montana's freestone rivers so if you like big foam bugs being swallowed by aggressive trout you need to look at the Yellowstone and Madison Rivers!  The Missouri River is providing some great technical dry fly fishing still with... Read more
Montana Fishing Great Everywhere!
July 30, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions has been fishing numerous rivers across the state over the past week and has found almost every piece of water to be fishing very well.  The dry fly bite is exceptional on the Madison, Yellowstone, Big Hole and Missouri Rivers and there are some nice big trout... Read more
Hoppers on Yellowstone River
July 22, 2012
Keeping pace with everything happening early this season hopper fishing has begun on the Yellowstone River along with nocturnal stones so big dries are a big part of the day.  Montana Flyfishing Expeditions will be bouncing around the Yellowstone over the next week checking things out - the... Read more
Missouri River in Full Swing
July 15, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions is camped on the Missouri River for a good bit enjoying some of our larger groups from Alabama and many other places.  The river is fishing very well both on top and underneath providing excellent fishing no matter what you do. The Yellowstone River is also... Read more
Southwest Montana Rivers Fishing GREAT!
July 9, 2012
Right now is the time to be fishing on the rivers of Southwest Montana! Montana Flyfishing Expeditions is spending the majority of our time split between the Missouri, Yellowstone and Madison rivers but we are receiving positive reports from the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Boulder and many others... Read more
Dry Flies All Day on the Yellowstone River
July 7, 2012
The Yellowstone River has come into great shape early this year and Montana Flyfishing Expeditions is taking full advantage!  Big bugs are high in the river, nocturnal stones throughout, Caddis throughout and Yellow Sallies scattered about as well. If you are interested in fishing dries all... Read more
Happy July 4th from CRAIG, MT!
July 4, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions spent the 4th on the mighty Missouri this year with lots of good folks, barbecue, rising fish, nymphing fish and great times. The Missouri is fishing well from top to bottom and from morning until night - it really doesn't get much better than it is and it looks... Read more
Salmonflies on Yellowstone River
June 30, 2012
For the first time in a few years Montana Flyfishing Expeditions has been able to throw big bugs on the Yellowstone River. With steady drops in flow, a nice green tint, Salmonflies, Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, and Caddis the Yellowstone is one of the hottest rivers in Southwest Montana. Bring... Read more
Missouri River - Low and Clear!
June 26, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions fishes the Missouri a lot but right now the dry fly fishing is as good as it gets and we haven't seen this in a few years so we are a little more excited than normal. There are PMD's, Yellow Sallies, Midges and Caddis out and the fish are up eating them. Compared... Read more
Salmonflies on the Big Hole River
June 13, 2012
The conditions finally got right and the big bugs finally hatched on the Big Hole River. The fish are definitley looking up and committing to the fly - it is not rockstar yet but it's not far from it. Plenty of action so take advantage of this great fishing while you can - just getting started... Read more
Salmonflies and Golden Stones on the WAY!
June 3, 2012
It is finally looking like Southwest Montana is getting in the summer mode as far as the weather goes after surviving hopefully our last dose of winter last week. This means that some of our rivers like the Lower Madison and the Big Hole may experience the first wave of Salmonflies which will... Read more
Missouri River - Don't Forget This One!
June 2, 2012
During the beginning of June it is easy to put blinders on and only look at some of the famed stonefly hatches around Southwest Montana and forget about the state's most consistent fishery - the Missouri River! The "Mighty Mo" has been fishing great all spring and early summer for Montana... Read more
Getting Ready for Montana Summer Fishing
May 25, 2012
Memorial Day Weekend is upon us here in SW Montana and instead of glorious sunny days we will be receiving our last dose of cold weather, hopefully. Throughout the state there are winter weather advisories above 6000 feet with some areas predicting up to a foot of fresh snow. Not necessarily a... Read more
Montana Spring Fishing Report
April 15, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions has been spending the last few days mainly on the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers. Both are fishing well with all tactics and you need all tactics to get a full day. This upcoming week we will be branching out a bit more to the Missouri and Big Hole Rivers with dry fly... Read more
Yellowstone River Clean Up
April 9, 2012
TO EVEYRONE IN THE AREA: The local chapters of Trout Unlimited are sponsoring their annual Yellowstone River Clean Up this Saturday, April 14, 2012. If you can make it to the river help everyone get rid of all the junk by meeting at the Livingston Civic Center at 8:00... Read more
Big Horn River
March 24, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions just returned from two days of fishing on the Big Horn River and the report is pretty simple = river is fishing off the hook. We only fished dries and streamers and had great success on both and couldn't imagine what the nymphing would have been like, most likely... Read more
Montana Spring Has Arrived
March 4, 2012
It seems spring weather conditions have arrived in Southwest Montana at least for a little while. After a couple of weeks with a lot of snow in the mountains temperatures across the state are getting into the 50's. This means that pre-runoff fishing in Montana is underway. Montana Flyfishing... Read more
Big Hole and Missouri River Combination Trip Announced
March 1, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions will be joining up with the great folks at Sunrise Fly Shop located in Melrose, Montana on the Big Hole River for a great combination trip this summer! This trip will take place between the Missouri River and the Big Hole and will be guided by both Montana... Read more
Montana Snowpack Update
February 23, 2012
I am still receiving many inquiries about predicted water conditions for the summer of 2012 so here is a current update as of February 23 for regional snowpack conditions across Southwest Montana: Madison River Basin:  87% of normal Missouri Headwaters:  89% of... Read more
Montana Weather Update
February 22, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions is happy to say that a real dose of winter is finally landed upon Southwest Montana. With over a foot or more of new snow in most of the mountain ranges around Bozeman over the last 48 hours our snowpack continues to grow in the right direction. More snow, wind and... Read more
Louisville Flyfishing Show
February 16, 2012
Last weekend Robert Boyce attendend the Louisville Flyfishing Show and it was great to meet up with some old fishing clients and to meet some new anglers that will be visiting Montana for the first time in the summer of 2012.  Montana Flyfishing Expeditions will be back at the show in 2013! Read more
Big Horn River in February
February 16, 2012
After the RO Drift Boat event in Bozeman on Friday, Robert Boyce and Jordan Gage will be heading to the Big Horn River for the weekend to test the waters! The fishing should be good and hopefully we will find some rising fish amongst the nymphing fish, either way it will be a good time.... Read more
Montana Fishing Report - Lower Madison
February 5, 2012
Robert Boyce, Cale Vanvelkinburgh, Jordan Gage and Robert Eddins made it out to the Lower Madison for a couple hours of fishing yesterday. For early February the conditions were awesome with temperatures in the 40's, no ice and plenty of water.  Normally the conditions would include single... Read more
Ro Drift Boat "NOMAD" Series
February 5, 2012
Ro Drift Boats is unveiling their new series of drift boats coined the "NOMAD" series. On February 17 around 5:00 PM at the Bozeman Angler the festivities will begin.  Of course Montana Flyfishing Expeditions will be there on hand along with many others from the Bozeman... Read more
Calgary, Alberta Fishing Expo
January 26, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions will be heading up to Calgary, Alberta this weekend for the Western Canadian Fishing Expo. If you are in the area please stop by and see Robert Boyce in booth #18! Read more
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions Facebook Page
January 16, 2012
Montana Flyfishing Expeditions has joined a little bit more with social media with a Facebook Page. Click Here to like us! Read more
Welcome to Montana Flyfishing Expeditions
January 15, 2012
WELCOME TO MONTANA FLYFISHING EXPEDITIONS! This is the inaugural Blog for the new Montana Flyfishing Expeditions website. We welcome you to visit all of the pages for information and the photo gallery for some great pictures of fish, scenery and more. Some of you may know... Read more